About Leo Pollard

Leo PollardLeo Pollard is an educator from New Orleans with over a decade of experience in various roles with one single focus – helping and educating younger generations. Leo was inspired to become a teacher at 16 years old. At the time, he coached a local football team in Algiers, Louisiana, and realized the value of making an impact on the lives of young kids. From that moment, Leo knew that education was his calling. Upon receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern University at New Orleans, where he was an honor student and member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Leo Pollard entered his career as a substitute teacher. During that time, Mr. Pollard proved himself to be dedicated and invested in the betterment of his students, and soon after, landed a full time teaching position.

As a teacher, Leo Pollard has been directly involved in assisting children with special educational needs. More specifically, Mr. Pollard has worked as a Response To Intervention Coordinator: a demanding role that requires teachers to be on hand to respond to cases involving children who may need to be moved to special education classrooms. Mr. Pollard has also served as a paraprofessional, where he has worked alongside other educators to provide extra, individualized help and attention to students. Furthermore, a large facet of Leo Pollard’s experience has been providing intervention services as a Mathematics Interventionist, which involved evaluating the needs of students struggling with math, then developing strategies to help make them proficient in the subject.

An advocate for education, Leo Pollard is committed to furthering his own as well. While teaching, Mr. Pollard graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s in Education Administration and Supervision. Applying the values of his fraternity in daily life,  Mr. Pollard upholds the values of “manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift for the individual and the community.” These principles have helped Leo Pollard connect with his students on various levels, as a teacher and positive role model.

Along with mentoring and tutoring students, Mr. Pollard volunteers with different organizations, and dedicates time to feeding the homeless at local shelters in the city of New Orleans. Leo believes in and lives by a quote by Jay Everett, which says “Your struggle is adding value to your story.” Everyday, Mr. Pollard instills that into his children, and proves to himself that, indeed, striving creates growth.

With his blog, Mr. Pollard hopes to inspire other educators with knowledge based on his experiences and belief system.  This blog will also serve as a resource for current developments in the field of education and the practice of teaching. Follow Leo Pollard on Twitter for additional updates and related stories.