Jindal For President

Bobby Jindal has declared he is running for president of the United States.  I would have to tell governor Jindal to have a seat please.  You have not only messed up the Louisiana educational system but you are also leaving Louisiana in a deficit when it was given to you with a surplus.  I do not know why people waste good money on supporting people who have no chance of winning. I hope this ends quickly and his term ends quickly and we get a governor who is for improving the state of Louisiana and not looking for there own agenda. I would love to here your thoughts!

Money for Students

I read today that congress passed a bill on how to fund charter schools. It is said that it takes more money to support special needs students than a regular education student so now schools are getting funding for the type of students that are in there schools.  So what does that mean? Are more students now going to be labeled as special needs to receive more money? Or Are good schools going to start accepting more special needs students as the bill suggest? I would love to here comments on this.

Life in the Jindal Lane

Education has been really hard under Governor Jindal with all of the cuts and the fight over common core.  Jindal has found away in a respected position to not care about the children but to push his own agenda. I understand wanting to be president one day is a self goal for our governor but in his position it should never just be about him.  I think budget cuts are killing educational institutions all over the state of Louisiana.  Living in the Jindal lane is not fun and hopefully one day under over new Governor somethings can be corrected. Whats your thoughts on this?

Common Core in Louisiana

I now see that the state and the BESE board have came to an agreement on common core. I am trying to figure out though when will they come to an agreement on the children of Louisiana.  I think in every decision that children should be first but with the state of Louisiana I see that it is different.  What”s your thought on whats going on and do you think the children are being placed into any decision that is being made?

Ending of the Year in Charter Schools

It has been so hard to end the year in charter schools because of the year to year contracts.  Every year around this time teachers and staff members have to worry about if they will have a job or not.  I think this is crazy and brings added stress to teachers and students a like.  I use to know when I was in school who my teachers would be in every grade. Now a days though you never know if your teacher will be there the next year.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

New Way of Interviewing

I just had an interview for a job in education and I did not even have to go into the site.  I needed a computer and a camera and the questions were only able to be seen for 30 seconds before you have to answer.  My question to you is do you like this new wave era of interviewing to where you  get to tape your answers of do you like the old fashion way.. lets talk about it.

Fitness in Teaching

I was talking to a friend and they were asking me should teachers be offered free fitness classes by their district. I answered by saying yes I think it will rejuvenated teachers and keep them healthy during stressful years.  It can also be a stress reliever so not as many teachers quit in the middle of the year.  That is what I believe on the issue what’s your take on the issue? Please comment below.

Fair Pay for Teachers

What do you think fair pay for teachers should be? With the cheating scandal going on right now and allegedly teachers cheating for bonuses are teachers to under paid? What should be a decent salary for a teacher?  Do teachers work to hard for the little money they earn? or do you think it’s enough?

When is enough testing enough testing?

When is enough enough? Children are testing all over Louisiana right now and this is the second part of a three part test.  Our children test three times a year now because of PARCC and I think it is to much.  I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue. When will our children be the main focus of decision making in Louisiana?