State Standardize Testing

Students in public schools have been taking standardize state test for a long time now and the question is what have they proven?  During the Atlanta school scandal I found out that all this test do is encourage teachers to do the wrong things.  Teachers have to depend on students to pass these test in order to keep their jobs and also to maybe receive bonuses and other perks in the school system. These test though have not proven anything but that some students test well and some students do not.  It has also proven that teachers will go to far extents in order to keep a job in their profession. I say though if these are the only reason these test exist why do we still have them? I see private school students not take these test and still have high ACT scores and a high acceptance into college.  So my question is to you today why do state standardize test still exist? and why are private schools do so well without them?

Educational Transition

Education in New Orleans has been in transition for 10 years now since hurricane Katrina.  I have been observing that everyone in the charter school arena has been trying to tell their story of how their charter network is successful.  The question is do you truly think that charter schools are a success in New Orleans? I would love to hear your opinion and if you have to comment unknown and nobody will know that it is you!

Just Another Year

This is another year of school starting in New Orleans but to me this does not feel like just another year. I know with the charter school system a lot of teachers that I know are changing schools not because their lack of knowing their craft or professionalism but just because of a new administration change. I understand that most administrators want to get their own people in certain spots but should there be a safe haven for teachers who are doing their jobs? Shouldn’t there be something in place to protect the teacher who has had all 5’s or excellent’s on their evaluations? This is where I ask the audience what do you think? What do you think about unions and how do you think teachers can stop this madness charter schools are doing to dismantle teachers from the work force?

What’s Going Right in New Orleans Charter Schools?

This was a question that was pose to me in a meeting with some colleagues. I was wondering also what is going right in New Orleans charter schools? Why are some schools failing and why are some schools doing great? What are some schools getting great parent support and why some are not? I would love to hear your take on this topic so please do not hesitate to comment.

Parents and PTO

I notice that all great schools has a great PTO. Why is it at schools that are not doing well parents do not want to join the PTO? Is there any substance to my take on this issue? I would love to hear your opinion?

New All Charter Parish

The new Orleans Parish School Board Superintendent wants to make all schools in the parish charter ran.  I think this could be a good idea but I think running schools like a business can be a bad thing and teachers at the end of the day lose.  I think if all schools were to recognize a union for teachers then it would be a fair playing field. Until then I believe that changing schools to all charter schools will only benefit the people on top who are developing and winning the big contracts. I would to hear your thoughts.

Jindal For President

Bobby Jindal has declared he is running for president of the United States.  I would have to tell governor Jindal to have a seat please.  You have not only messed up the Louisiana educational system but you are also leaving Louisiana in a deficit when it was given to you with a surplus.  I do not know why people waste good money on supporting people who have no chance of winning. I hope this ends quickly and his term ends quickly and we get a governor who is for improving the state of Louisiana and not looking for there own agenda. I would love to here your thoughts!

Money for Students

I read today that congress passed a bill on how to fund charter schools. It is said that it takes more money to support special needs students than a regular education student so now schools are getting funding for the type of students that are in there schools.  So what does that mean? Are more students now going to be labeled as special needs to receive more money? Or Are good schools going to start accepting more special needs students as the bill suggest? I would love to here comments on this.

Life in the Jindal Lane

Education has been really hard under Governor Jindal with all of the cuts and the fight over common core.  Jindal has found away in a respected position to not care about the children but to push his own agenda. I understand wanting to be president one day is a self goal for our governor but in his position it should never just be about him.  I think budget cuts are killing educational institutions all over the state of Louisiana.  Living in the Jindal lane is not fun and hopefully one day under over new Governor somethings can be corrected. Whats your thoughts on this?

Common Core in Louisiana

I now see that the state and the BESE board have came to an agreement on common core. I am trying to figure out though when will they come to an agreement on the children of Louisiana.  I think in every decision that children should be first but with the state of Louisiana I see that it is different.  What”s your thought on whats going on and do you think the children are being placed into any decision that is being made?