The LifeStyle Of A Teacher

Teacher teaching students


If you’re not in the profession of education and don’t have any insight on the life of a teacher, you may insinuate teachers live a miraculous life with a 2 month summer vacation including national holidays. However, things never seem the same when you’re on the outside looking in.

To give you more insight, I will present a list of a few misconceptions people tend to have on the  lives of teachers.

There Is No Such Thing as Free Time:

Teachers have numerous vacations during the school year, but during that free time, they are making sure their teaching methods and curriculum is up to date every year. Teachers not only have to deal with organizing their lesson plans but they also have to attend school workshops, tutor students, and contribute to school activities. Now all of this may seem like normal teacher requirements, however teachers don’t receive extra pay for participating in these extracurricular activities.

Feeling Under The Weather?:

If a teacher is feeling under the weather or needs a day to recover from a long week of work, they are allowed to take a day off. However,  teachers are responsible for educating the children of the future, so it can be difficult to call out sick knowing your students aren’t getting taught to the best of their abilities. Obviously, during a teacher being absent the students would receive a substitute teacher, but it wouldn’t suffice as being the same for the students, who are comfortable with the teaching style of their regular teacher.

No Longer Are You Undercover:

Being a teacher can be strenuous for an individual who enjoys privacy, especially in the society we live in today with social networks being accessible to anyone. Students can easily look up a teacher on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to find out how a teacher lives outside of the classroom. In the result, a teacher should monitor what is accessible to the public on their profile, to prevent from being the discussion of the classroom gossip. Teachers aren’t only obligated to, monitor their image on social networks, but also in public. For example, a teacher could run into a student at the shopping center, holding a bottle of champagne, which could leave an impression amongst their student that drinking is acceptable. Teachers have to understand that they are just as much a role model to students as their parents or even more.

Emotional Effect:

Dealing with your emotions as a teacher can be a tough task, however it’s a task that comes with the job. For example, if a teacher is in the middle of teaching a lesson plan and notices a student who seems discouraged, it would be a teacher’s concern to make sure the student is alright. However, when you have a full classroom of students you can’t spend your class time catering to the one student, when they’re suppose to be following through with a lesson plan. This part of the job can be difficult for a teacher because their students become a part of them emotionally and when a student is showing signs of misery, you feel teaching the other students is just as important as figuring out what a student is going through.

As you can see, the life of a teacher is far from normal because of the issues and obligations they have to deal with on a consistent base. Despite, all of the obstacles teachers face on a daily, they receive the enjoyment knowing they are creating a positive influence on students and  educating students to succeed in life. You can find more information on a teacher’s life, using this link here.